Whole Wardrobe Or Woodworking, Which is Better?

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  • Date:12/18/2018

The whole wardrobe is customized or woodworking. The decoration company generally recommends woodworking, and there are jobs to make a profit. Overall customization: Basically, the board customization is the main one, and there are several domestic listed companies.


Which one is best, depending on what kind of wardrobe you want, including what materials? What style do you want? Focus on environmental performance, after-sales service, etc. Let’s sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich analyze it separately.


Woodworking wardrobe

Why is it not recommended for ordinary woodworking wardrobes? Doesn't it mean that woodworking is cheaper? Doesn't it mean that the materials used in woodworking are environmentally friendly? Not necessarily!


Woodworking wardrobe is cheaper?

The price of woodworking wardrobes includes: sheet costs, woodworking labor costs, wardrobe hardware accessories costs, some plates also need paint costs, paint labor costs, compare prices, please compare the total price. If the same board is definitely cheaper than the big brand compared to the overall brand, it is not much better than the local brand.


Is the material used for woodworking wardrobes environmentally friendly?


Environmental protection is not environmental protection is to see the test results. The ecological board for furniture (wooden board core melamine board) is also artificial board, and the fir finger joint board is also a wood-based board. It is theoretically more environmentally friendly than solid wood particle board and multi-layer board. Actually, it depends on the board manufacturer. If woodworking uses melamine board to lock the cabinet, the process of manual edge sealing is inferior to the machine edge sealing, which will also affect the environmental performance.


In addition, the craftsmanship of woodworking is really difficult to find. The design level of general woodwork is also limited. If the wood is to be painted, it depends on the craftsman of the painter. In addition, the warranty of the wardrobe cannot be implemented.


If you want to fight with woodwork, it is recommended that you have a reliable full-time designer blessing. You can help you grasp the "beauty" and function, or you have to have a strong opinion. If you rely on the experience of ordinary woodworking, maybe his Aesthetics and the effects you want are not in a dimension.



Overall custom brand

The overall custom wardrobe is now the most popular and suitable for most families. Most of the custom wardrobe materials are made of melamine board. If the core material is used, the big brands basically use more particle boards. In order to differentiate the competition, the small brands also have multi-layer boards, so the essence is basically the panel wardrobe, of course, the wardrobe. The door can also be molded with a curved door panel to make a solid wood shape.


The price varies depending on the brand, the sheet used, and the hardware accessories. Because they are all factory machine production, professional designers and installers, and after-sales workers, they are stronger than ordinary woodworking in these aspects. Doesn't it mean that the materials used in woodworking are environmentally friendly? Not necessarily!


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