What Color is Good For the Wardrobe Door

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  • Date:12/06/2018

Although the current home wardrobes are open-ended, for most families, traditional wardrobes are still available. So what color fitted wardrobe doors should I choose when choosing such a wardrobe? Let's follow sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich to take a look at it together, don't wait for it, come back and regret it~


First, white wardrobe door


white wardrobe door

Everyone knows that white is a versatile color, so no matter what style your home is decorated, you can use a white wardrobe door.And if the wardrobe door frame and door in the home are also white, then with the white door, the overall effect is not only coordinated but also beautiful!


Second, the wooden color wardrobe door

wooden color wardrobe door

Wood color is also a versatile color system. It is usually common in Chinese styles such as Chinese, American, modern, and simple. It not only has a sense of original wood, it is durable, but also more resistant to dirt.


Third, hit the color wardrobe door

hit the color wardrobe door

If you feel that the monochrome wardrobe door does not meet your color needs, then consider a combination of colors. Two or more contrast color wardrobe doors can create an active home atmosphere!


Fourth, other color wardrobe doors

other color wardrobe doors

Perhaps for those who are pursuing individuality, the color matching of the above wardrobe doors is not satisfactory, so what should I do? Don't worry, Enrich has a way.


The method is that you can choose your own wardrobe door color according to your preference for color. However, when actually doing it, Enrich suggested that you first ask the designer to help us with the reference, or let him (her) give you a rendering, so as not to like it after finishing.

childern wardrobe door

For the wardrobe of the children's room at home, you can also put some interesting and cute patterns on it, and the children will love it. Of course, as for the specific post, you can ask for your child's opinion!

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