Space Save Open Wardrobe Design Can Put More Clothes In Your Home

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  • Date:12/05/2018

Why is your wardrobe difficult to use?

How to make good use of your bedroom space? Sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich tells you that what wardrobe design can put more clothes in your home.



Before we start to talk about which kind of white sliding wardrobe to use, we need to understand, why is your wardrobe not working well? In fact, the summary is two points:


1. There are too many partitions to make full use of

In many homes, the closet will be like the following, and a bunch of different high and low partitions will be used. If you use it, you will find that these partitions are not dissatisfied or too deep.

High partition: The partition is made at the top of the wardrobe. It is specially used to store the quilt. The height of the lattice is determined according to the overall height of the wardrobe. The common size is 40cm~60cm.

Low partition: The low partition is placed at the bottom of the closet. It is specially used for storing hats and bags. It is recommended to customize different partitions according to the size of the package to reduce the waste of vertical space.


In fact, compared with the partition, it is recommended that you use the finished plastic drawer, the space utilization rate will be stronger. For example, the upper space of the original lattice is usually wasted, but when a grid becomes two-layer drawer, it is completely Take advantage of it.


2. There is too little hanging space and the height is unreasonable

The space of the general family's wardrobe can be hanged, and the small wardrobe is like this. As for the benefits of hanging clothes, as long as you understand it, you will understand: save time and find.

Good wardrobe should be like this:



Like this top, you can store large items such as suitcases and seasoned quilts, which is very practical.



When the top is left empty, the storage position of the trunk is vacated, but such a design is more likely to fall.


Girls with more bags can make a small area in the closet of the snake, usually hanging bags, belts, and other small items, it is more convenient.

In order to facilitate the storage and searching of small items such as underwear, socks, ties, etc., it is possible to set a small lattice in the closet, so that it is convenient to store the small pieces in a convenient manner, and it is convenient to find them.



After reading this blog, do you want to get more information about wardrobe such as built in sliding wardrobes? We will update more for you.

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