Some Knowledge About Bathroom Cabinets

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  • Date:01/22/2019

bathroom cupboard

1. How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of custom bathroom cabinets hinges and other pendants?

A: From the unloading, the convenience of adjustment, the carrying capacity, the surface processing technology, whether the pattern is clear, etc. to judge the advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom cabinet pendant.

bathroom cabinet hinges

2. What are the treatment methods for the bathroom cabinets? Which is better?

Answer: The surface treatment methods of bathroom cabinets are: PVC film, baking varnish, fireproof board, crystal board veneer, etc. The latter two are rarely used in high-grade products, and the former two have different prices due to different process treatments. Usually imported PVC, PVC domestic, "piano paint", "car grill" treatment effect is better, the price is higher.

3. What issues should I pay attention to when choosing a bathroom cabinet?


(1) Size specification: Choose the bathroom cabinet according to the size of the specific space and the overall space design of the bathroom.
(2) Color: The corresponding bathroom cabinet should be selected first, and the color of the bathroom should be matched according to its color to achieve better results.

Pay attention to what kind of basin is included in the selected bathroom cabinet, which faucet should be equipped and the size of the installation requirements.


4. the bathroom cabinet should pay attention to those matters in the installation?

A: The bathroom cabinet needs attention when installing:
(1) The thickness of the installed load-bearing wall or non-empty wall is more than 10cm.
(2) Whether there are bright and dark pipes in the installation range of the bathroom cabinet, whether it is convenient to handle.
(3) The position of the drain and the height of the water inlet should meet the requirements.
(4) Whether the overall layout of the bathroom is coordinated.
(5) If the bathroom is a non-bearing wall, you can choose a corner bathroom cabinet.


5. what should be paid attention to the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet?

Answer: The bathroom cabinet should mainly pay attention to the following aspects of maintenance:
(1) The bathroom cabinet should be wiped frequently to keep the cabinet clean.
(2) General dirt should be scrubbed with a soft cotton cloth and cleaned with ordinary household cleaner. The remaining grease, paint, super glue and other dirt can be cleaned with some organic solvents.
(3) Do not disassemble the bathroom cabinet easily, so as not to damage the tightness of the cabinet.
(4) Educate children not to climb to the cabinet to avoid danger
(5) Pay attention to avoid sharp objects and scratch the surface.


6. what is the material of the bathroom cabinet?

A: At present, the mainstream substrate used in the bathroom cabinets on the market is waterproof MDF. This is a kind of “rigid” plate with excellent water resistance after the selected wood raw materials are pulverized into powder. For ordinary fiberboard, it is the first choice for high-end bathroom cabinets.


7. How to identify whether the bathroom cabinet is waterproof and moisture proof?

Answer: (1) See if the material and surface treatment of the board itself are waterproof and moisture-proof;
(2) Whether it is sealed from the corner;
(3) Whether the sealing treatment at the opening is sealed;
(4) From the design of the product, whether the water easily flows into the cabinet.

8. how to choose a bathroom cabinet mirror group?

bathroom cabinet mirror group

The bathroom mirror has anti-fog and ordinary anti-fog mirrors and is divided into chemical anti-fog and physical anti-fog. The power supply for physical anti-fog needs to have a power socket next to it, in damp south or a bathroom with poor wet and dry separation. An anti-fog mirror is recommended. In addition to considering the function when purchasing, the price should also pay attention to the size of the cabinet or the countertop (the size of the mirror can not exceed the cabinet), the bathroom mirror with the frame should also pay attention to the color of the border and the color of the cabinet.


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