Six Tricks Make the Bathroom Cabinet Not Moldy

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  • Date:01/17/2019

The moisture in the bathroom is often troubled by many owners. The damp environment not only makes people uncomfortable to use but also makes the bathroom cabinet moldy, which shortens the service life of the cabinet. How to make the bathroom cabinet not wet and not moldy, use it longer? Here are six methods, hope bathroom cabinets manufacturers Enrich can help you!

1. Make the wall design to block the penetration of water and gas

In general, 50% of the moisture in the bathroom comes from the ground. Through the design of the bathroom cabinet, the problem of direct moisture absorption at the bottom can be avoided, and the maximum space can be utilized.

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2. Use waterproof material with good moisture resistance

The bathroom space in the ordinary family is often difficult to achieve complete wet and dry separation because of the small number of pings. Therefore, in the selection of the material of the bathroom cabinet, the composite sheet can provide better waterproof.


3. Rubber seal with silencer cushion

Usually, in the part where the door piece and the cabinet are connected, a rubber edge strip with anti-collision function is installed, in addition to reducing the sound of closing the door, the water gas can be completely blocked outside the cabinet.


4. Corrosion resistant and rust-resistant hardware accessories

Regarding the hinges, the selection of the slide rails should be fully compatible with the opening and closing. If there is rust corrosion, the sealing effect will be affected, so the hardware parts that can resist corrosion and rust can also extend the service life of the cabinet.


5. Waterproof aluminum foil placed at the bottom of the cabinet

When used normally, the faucet and the basin will generate a large amount of condensed water when they encounter water vapor, and the condensed water will flow into the bottom of the cabinet along the table. At this time, a layer of waterproof aluminum foil is added to the bottom of the cabinet to avoid mold deformation of the cabinet.


6. Install the side drain floor of the drain pipe

The basin is often directly connected to the bath cabinet, and the outlet pipe of the basin will directly pass through the bottom plate to enter the sewage pipe. If the side leakage floor can be installed at the pipe outlet, the condensed water can be completely prevented from intruding from the edge of the plate.

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