Reasonable Selection of Cabinets Based on Space

  • Source: Enrich
  • Date:11/29/2018

Enrich is a leading manufacturer and supplier in China, supplying various home kitchen cabinets, wardrobe and bathroom cabinets. Besides, we can provide you custom kitchen cabinets design service. Today, we will tell you some knowledge about the reasonable selection of cabinets based on space.


Dwelling kitchen——Below sixty square meters of house is generally five to ten square meters of the cabinet. The cabinets should be placed in a few square meters of space. It should be selected as one-shaped and L-shaped cabinets. The one-shaped cabinets can create storage space without hindering people's operation; L-shaped cabinets make better use of the corner position, making the operating area more reasonable.



Small kitchen——60 to 120 square meters of house is generally 10-15 square meters. This space can adapt to various forms of cabinets, generally the most commonly used U-shaped and double-row cabinets, U-shaped cabinets and double-row cabinets Similarly, it allows people to shorten the route of operation in space.


Large space kitchen——Large kitchens of 20 square meters or more can be combined with cabinets. For example, two rows of one-piece cabinets are placed on two adjacent walls, which avoids the problem of too much space and too long operation lines.


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