Nine Protection Items of the Bathroom Cabinet Can Save a Lot of Money

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  • Date:01/14/2019

As a good bathroom companion, the bathroom cabinet plays an indispensable role in our bathroom. However, everything has its service life. Let's follow Enrich modern bathroom vanities supplier take a look at the 9 major maintenance items of the bathroom cabinet. Knowledge extends the length of use of bathroom cabinets.


(1) Lightly put: When carrying the bathroom cabinet, it should be lifted gently and gently, not hard to pull hard; when placed, it should be flat and stable, if the ground is not flat, the foot pad will be solid to prevent damage to the eye structure;

bathroom cabinets

(2) Sun protection: Do not put the bathroom cabinet in the sun, or put it in an excessively dry place to prevent the wood from cracking and deforming;


(3) Cleaning: After cleaning the bathroom cabinet, it can be diluted with a general cleaning agent, and then wiped with a soft cloth and then wiped the stain along the wood grain;


(4) Water stains: If the bathroom cabinet is not careful to have water stains, cover the marks with a damp cloth, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with the iron, the marks will disappear;


(5) Scratch: the paint on the lacquer surface of the bathroom cabinet is not covered with lacquer wood. You can use the crayon or pigment of the same cabinet color to coat the wound surface of the cabinet, cover the exposed ground color one by one, and then use transparent Nail polish can be applied thinly on one layer.


(6) When the soft cloth is used along the texture of the wood, dust the bathroom cabinet. Before dusting, apply a cleaning agent (Bilizhu) on the soft cloth. Do not use a dry cloth to avoid scratches. When the bathroom cabinet is used in a dry environment, it is necessary to take artificial humidification measures, such as: wiping the bathroom cabinet with a soft cloth and water on schedule;


(7) Maintenance of glass countertops in bathroom cabinets: Do not be characterized by sharp objects during the calendaring period, and clean the colored countertops with a neutral detergent;


(8) Maintenance of wooden countertops in bathroom cabinets: Do not use hard objects to re-touch and portray when using the time, use a soft cotton cloth and some furniture cleaner to lightly wipe;


(9) Maintenance of the lens: When the lens of the bathroom cabinet is stained with water, it is cleaned with a soft cloth and a neutral detergent.

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