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Bathroom Vanity

Available in a multitude of styles and colours to fit every taste, a customized vanity will always add more space to your bathroom. We can help you to plan and execute a great bathroom renovation within your budget because all of our quality bathroom vanities are produced in-house allowing us to have full control over the process.

Choices of modern bathroom vanities

People in today's society pay attention to simple and noble design, people want to get pure enjoyment, and themordern bathroom cabinets are no exception. The perfect quality is revealed in the details. From the point of view of the craftsman, we can learn from the following methods to choose the favorite mordern bathroom cabinets.

The basin-type dehydration operation switch requires only one push, and the operation does not require a lifting rod. The chrome treatment of the water cover is also particularly convenient. A compact composite of solid steel and high-resistance glass also combines the advantages of both materials, which also achieves a unique look.

In addition, the sustainability ofcustom bathroom vanity is also worth considering. It is best to recycle 100% or use only natural raw materials through environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and the installation method of custom bathroom vanity can be floor-standing or wall-mounted.

Most of the bathroom's drains are on the ground, so there are more floor-standing bathroom cabinets. Whether it is installation or maintenance, floor-standing custom bathroom vanity is more convenient.

If the drain opens on the wall, you can choose a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, which can save space, reduce the corner of the floor, make cleaning easier, reduce moisture erosion, extend the life of the bathroom cabinet, which is also practical, good-looking and high-end.

Bathroom cabinet materials can also be divided into: solid wood, PVC, acrylic and so on.

Solid wood bathroom cabinet is warm and natural, noble and elegant with low formaldehyde emission, more healthy and environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively high. PVC bathroom cabinets with similar countertops and solid wood are more colorful, waterproof and plastic. The design is novel and the styles are diverse to meet the needs of different consumers. Acrylic achieves a variety of styles, excellent waterproof performance, whose material is very brittle and easy to produce scratches and cracks.

According to the type, the wash basin can be divided into: the above counter basin, the under counter basin, and the column type.

Above counter basin with exquisite shape, diverse styles, can be adapted to different styles of bathroom, users choose more. And when installing, directly put the basin on the table surface to glue, the installation process and the later replacement and maintenance are more convenient. However, cleaning is a little troublesome, especially when the basin and the countertop are glued, it is easy to turn black and affect the appearance.

Under counter basin does not destroy the flatness of the countertop, and the daily cleaning is relatively convenient. However, compared with the above counter basin, installation, disassembly and maintenance are complicated and inconvenient.

Column type is more suitable for small-area bathroom installation. The column-type wash basin also has many different styles, and the shape is unique and beautiful. However, the storage effect of the column-type wash basin is relatively poor, and can be combined with the mirror cabinet or the wall rack to increase the storage capacity of the washing area.

The choice of bathroom cabinet is not only related to daily use, but also affects the value of the bathroom, so the choice of custom bathroom vanity can be selected according to the style of decoration.


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