How to Match the Cabinet with the Most Cost-Effective

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  • Date:01/07/2019

As the leading home kitchen cabinets suppliers Enrich specializing in modern cabinets such as wooden kitchen cupboards, kitchen cupboards and doors, today we would like to tell you how to match the cabinet with the most cost-effective, which let you have a good purchasing experience.


The cabinet is divided into three parts: the countertop, the cabinet and the cabinet. The composition is more complicated. In addition to the complete production line of the big brand cabinets, the countertop, cabinets, cabinet doors and hardware of most stores are from different manufacturers, and most of them are customized. The size makes it easy to pay when buying. At the same time, the price of the cabinet is large, and the brand customization can go to several tens of thousands per meter per meter. Mixing small brands can be done in a few hundred thousand, which makes it easy for novices to make it difficult.

Here explain all kinds of materials, so that you can buy them as a reference.

The choice of the door is rich, free to match, and the value of each is good. So here is mainly the combination of the cabinet and the countertop.


Low budget combination

Natural stone countertop + granite cabinet, the countertop is recommended to choose a dark color. Available at stone stores.


Cost-effective recommendation combination

1 quartz stone countertop + quartz stone cabinet/granite cabinet, available in the stone shop.
2 tile countertop + tile cabinets, tile shop, bricklayer, full tile cabinet construction team available.
3 quartz stone countertop + aluminum alloy bracket inlaid ceramic tile, aluminum alloy bracket is sold for a treasure, you need to assemble it yourself, the tile needs to be purchased and processed to the appropriate size.
4 quartz stone countertop + woodworking multi-layer cabinets, find a good edge-sealing master.


Adequate budget recommendation

1 brand quartz stone countertop + plate cabinet, buy is service and after-sales.
2 brand stainless steel countertop + stainless steel cabinets, prefer the metal texture preferred.


Appearance value control recommendation

Solid wood countertop + brick cabinet/panel cabinet + solid wood cabinet door
No matter what combination of cabinet countertop, the cabinet door must be, you must buy a good look! Add the maximum value to the face value.


Countertop should combine family cooking habits, in general, is facing the kitchen "most demanding" environment, do a good job quality, and also the color value play. Common materials are as follows:

Natural stone:  easy to bleed but cheap, it is recommended to choose dark color;

natural stone

Artificial stone: good overall joints, but more careful to use;

artificial stone

Quartz stone: the mainstream of the market, the quality is uneven and attention to distinguish;

quartz stone


Tile: cost-effective, durable, but with more seams;
Stainless steel: the price of precious metal is strong and durable, and there are old problems with scratching;
Solid wood painting: Appearance value control, more delicate and more attention to use on weekdays.
Tempered glass and fireproof board: not recommended, the quality of the generic manufacturers are also less and less, afraid that no one can be sold after the sale.


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