How To Design the Best Wardrobe

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  • Date:12/10/2018

Bathroom cabinets manufacturers - Enrich has over 10 years in supplying modern bathroom vanities, which also can provide custom bathroom cabinets service. Available in a multitude of styles and colors to choose. Besides, we will tell you knowledge of how to design your wardrobe.

To choose a wardrobe, you must first understand the storage needs of your clothes.
Applicable to folding storage, most of which are not wrinkled, but not thin, without lining suspension, such as sweaters, sweaters, thick scarves, etc., as well as underwear.

folding storage of wardrobe


When folding, try to keep the size of the stack consistent. The thin T-shirt is suitable for roll-to-roll, which saves space and is easy to handle, and it is not easy to mess.

The storage efficiency of the hanging rod is very high, whether it is in the kitchen or in the wardrobe. In general, a 1m long hanger can hang about 50 shirts/thin jackets or 20-30 coats.

Because of the different lengths of our clothes, we try to separate long and short clothes when hanging.

hanging clothes of wardrobe


What kind of wardrobe design plus sub-items

Pull-on pants rack

If you have a mind, you can make pants rack like this, pay attention to the distance between the clothes rails is not too small.



Add an induction light to the wardrobe, the induction light

Why do you have a shadow in front of you because there is light behind you?

I believe that many of my friends have experienced looking for things in the closet, so you need to install an induction light, Taobao can get it for twenty or thirty dollars.


Wardrobe design is divided into men and women partition

If the wardrobe is used by both husband and wife, the left and right sides can be set to their respective storage spaces. The man's area can be mainly drawers or partitions, while the lady’s side is mainly hangers.


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