How To Choose A Good Cabinet

  • Source: Enrich
  • Date:11/19/2018

The cabinet is one of the most important components of the home kitchen cabinets. When purchasing the cabinet, the quality of the cabinet must be carefully confirmed.


The cabinet is composed of the side panel, the back panel, the bottom panel and the laminate. Selection of the substrate is the first choice. The panels of the cabinet are made up of MDF, PB, HMR and plywood.




1.The quality of kitchen cupboards body

2.The edge of the cabinet board. It is also very important and the edge strip is the most basic accessory in the cabinet.

3.Countertop selection. The two most common countertop materials in the market are two kinds of artificial stone, quartz stone.

4. Choose hardware. Choosing the best workmanship in regular styles.


5. Choose the kitchen cupboards and doors panel. Don't just look at the face value.


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