5 Designs Idea For You To Get the Reaching-Top Wardrobe

  • Source: Enrich
  • Date:12/13/2018

Sliding door wardrobe company - Enrich is the professional solution provider of kitchens, wardrobes & bathroom vanities for global projects. Not only offering beautiful products but something much more. Now, we will you that 5 designs idea for you to get the reaching-top wardrobe.

Many people have doubts about whether the bedroom closet should be top touching. Some people think that if not it will be too troublesome to clean. Some people think that the top utilization is not high. Decide to the top or not to the top, It is not too late after reading the following five cases:


01 Wardrobe to the top

Max storage capacity wardrobe
The wardrobe is completely customized according to the height of the bedroom and the size of the apartment. The storage space can be obviously improved. The symmetrical door design, multi-hanging, and multi-drawer make the room cleaner and tidier.




02 Wardrobe to the top

Embedded wall space is more integrated
The wardrobe adopts the top design and is embedded in the wall to create a wall feeling. The pure white door and the splicing texture log make the space more concise and harmonious.



03 Wardrobe to the top

More convenient to clean
The wardrobe to the top eliminates the problem of ash at the top, especially for the cloakroom, which combines the freedom and comfort of European life into the cloakroom, reducing the burden of cleaning.




04 The wardrobe is not top

More transparent space
There is a certain amount of space at the top of the closet to make the bedroom space look more fluid, even for families with small bedroom space.




05 The wardrobe is not top

Reasonable partitioning is more convenient



If the items in the home are not particularly large, the reasonable wardrobe partition can fully meet the family's storage needs.

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