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I believe that there will be a perfect home, but we believe that the home can perfectly reflect the style characteristics of the owner. At home, all styles and functions can be designed to your liking and needs, and you can feel comfortable without spending too much. That's why we introduce a variety of home furnishing ideas in this chapter, from home decorating ideas to storage techniques, to making your home full of more green inspiration. With these ideas and inspirations, you can create a space that you like to call home.

It seems that every house has some more awkward space. Such as the position between the cabinet and the ceiling.


Come to study today.
Unusual decoration and finishing ideas,
Clever use of the space!

01. Fragrance drying rack

Directly add fresh spices to the hanging rod for easy access. Other seasonings, jams, or pickled items can be placed on the cabinet in turn.



02. Miscellaneous collection

It is also convenient to store debris in this corner. The open storage box stores small pieces and labels, so that the box can be accurately matched to avoid clutter.



03. Still life exhibition hall

Glass bottles, candlesticks, etc., because of their irregular shape, take up a lot of space.

Items that cannot be placed in the cabinet, which are displayed above. Stability is not afraid of damage, but you can often see and use them.



04. Art Gallery

Add some artistic flavor to this home!

Show off your favorite photos and prints with bright colors and simple lines. Choose from different sizes and unmounted styles to create a patchwork effect.




05. Work file cabinet

Use a file box to store loose paper or fragile magazines, and fully release the workbench space. A small file cabinet can be built with a storage box.


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