Choose This Kind of Wardrobe Will Let Your Bedroom Twice As Large

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  • Date:12/14/2018

As a professional sliding door wardrobe company, Enrich has over 10 years ecperience of supplying different wardrobes such as mirrored wardrobe closet  for most customets at home and abroad. We keep up with the development and progress of the Times, and constantly enrich our design concept and product industry knowledge. Today, we want to tell you something about wardrobe.


In the bedroom, the wardrobe is definitely the most important piece of furniture in addition to the bed. There are several forms of modern wardrobes, one is the finished wardrobe that is directly purchased, and now it is used less. The second is a custom closet that is connected to the bedroom wall. This is more used; the bedroom is larger, maybe A cloakroom design will be used.


The shape of the exterior of the wardrobe will vary depending on the type of apartment.


l-shape wardrobe

This is the most obvious kind of wardrobe, and most homes use this style of wardrobe.



L-shaped wardrobe

This kind of wardrobe is suitable for irregular room types, such as irregular bedrooms or medium-sized bedrooms. If you choose this L-shaped wardrobe, you will not waste space.



Avoid beam wrapped wardrobe

This type of wardrobe needs to be customized according to the room type, even if there is a bevel in the bedroom, such as the penthouse, it can be perfectly utilized without affecting the overall function and appearance.



U-shaped cloakroom

It is more suitable for setting up a small independent space. It can not only store clothes but also store goods. It is powerful and easy to use.


L-shaped cloakroom

Compared with the U-shaped independent space, the L-shape is suitable for a large-area bedroom. If the size is too small, it is directly an L-shaped wardrobe, which is not a cloakroom.



Still have to emphasize that the design of the wardrobe must follow the needs of the users, such as the wardrobe in the children's room, usually with few hanging pieces, stacked and stored more, also for the elderly, and the location of the commonly used storage. Must not be too high or too low to prevent security problems.

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