The advantages of One-piece Bathroom

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  • Date:12/04/2018

As the development of life quality and progress, the occurrence such as unidirectional bathroom is more in furniture life, integral whole bathroom not only environmental protection is clean, safe performance also has assured quite. Bathroom vanity units suppliers - Enrich tell you some advantages of one-piece bathroom.

What is one-piece bathroom?

Integral whole bathroom also calls integral type bathroom, it is to have an independent frame structure and complete form a complete set of facilities, it is a kind of with unification waterproof chassis, wallboard, the integral structure that cap forms, mix all sorts of bathroom tools, if defend bath clean to provide, bath screen, bath crock, bibcock, flower is aspersed, ceramic tile fittings melts together. Say bathroom of one body type simply namely wash a face, go to the lavatory, bath what wait for bathroom interior place to involve to have a function to integrate more together, form an integral, individual space.

Advantages of a one-piece bathroom

1. Safe and reliable
No matter choose SMC, FRP or ABS material, the integrated bathroom can guarantee the safe use of the bathroom. Generally, these materials will not only not to the shop, but also flame retardant high-temperature resistance, in the bathroom this water-intensive space to use these materials, can be the electricity security hidden trouble and other hidden trouble completely isolated, for people to provide great security.

2.Low carbon
All-in-one toilets are environmentally products when they are produced. Even if they are produced in large quantities, their carbon emissions are only a fraction of that of other sanitary products, and they are low-carbon and environmentally friendly products.

advantages of one piece bathroom

3.Changeable shape
The one-piece bathroom has a great advantage, that is, it has a rich external expression, which can adapt to different home decoration styles, and can also meet the needs of different users for bathroom forms.

The selection of the integrated bathroom is strictly controlled, so the service life is much higher than that of the ordinary bathroom products, which also forms the more durable characteristics of the integrated bathroom.

5.integrated design and decoration, easy to clean
Relative to the scattered and dead Angle of the common bathroom, the wei yu equipment in an integral whole bathroom is to do not have a structure of dead Angle, because this is convenient, save effort, save time, structure is reasonable.

The integral whole bathroom should have very big development space on the market of the future. On the market of integral whole defend bath now, its breed also is more multifarious, everybody also should understand adequately when choose and buy, choose the integral whole bathroom that accords with him most.

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